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if you have already sent me a request, i will complete it, but i will not be taking any more requests as of this posting. i am thinking about opening up commissions, though. i will post more information if i do.


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hi there, i'm frenchi and i like to draw sometimes. i'm not SUPER good but i think i have been improving, especially at digital art.


monster girl
idk i like girls with horns and fangs and lotsa eyes that's about all the thought that went into this drawing    
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calsilica are not made like most gems. they are artificially designed and curated to perfection in a variety of colors, made for aesthetics to show off like a fancy pet. they are expected to look pretty and graceful as they accompany their elite masters, acting as a symbol of power and status; if you have a very beautiful calsilica, you must be very important. although they have strong empathic and telepathic abilities - and are sometimes used as messengers for this reason - calsilica are not expected to have a voice of their own.

this calsilica, let’s call her callie, eventually realized that she didn’t have to be anybody’s pet. though she may have been created for her looks, she is beginning to find her value outside of her appearance. callie is done with the absurd hairstyles and impractical clothes. no longer does she exist for others to look at. those who spend just a little too long looking may well find themselves on the business end of her transforming baton-flail.

callie's design is primarily inspired by a tropical bird (namely the rainbow macaw) due to the vibrant color of the gem as well as its (purported) geographic origin. calsilica is claimed to originate from a mine in chihuahua, mexico, but most people believe that it is actually a man-made gem, the result of calcite and silica layered with clay, polymers, dyes, and minerals to create a wide variety of colors and patterns.


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